About Us
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About Us

Get to know us better

Lets explore Africa after graduation. This trip is designed for university student graduates who have always wanted to travel to Africa and get that 100% authentic african experience.

Sem break

These trips are designed for university students who would like to take a break from all the books and studying, go away for the weekend or a few more days and come back fresh.

Residents Only

Moving countries is a big step that is never taken lightly. These trips are designed for the young foreigner living in Kenya with a thirst to explore this vast East African country.

Who We Are

A Bit About Us

Kito Afrika was created with an immense love and awe for Africa. Having interacted with Africans from different countries on the African continent, it came to realization that there is a lot of negativity and falsehood going around about Africa especially on mainstream media. Kito is a Swahili word that means ‘precious’.

There is so much more to be told about her.  From the diversity of her people to being home to some of the world’s iconic places to visit, you are sure your thirst for knowledge, experiences and adventure will be quenched as you travel this beautiful continent, marvel at her beauty, learn more about her people and relish in her culinary traditions.

Kito Afrika was created for the African lover, for that student with a curious mind, a thirst for knowledge, experiences, adventure and a compassion for wildlife.  We offer graduation trips, semester break trips and residents only trips that cater to resident youth in Kenya.

Our work would not be complete without showing some love to our continent, thus we are open to supporting a wildlife cause with a difference.


With Love,

Nyawira Karuga

C.E.O & Director

Kito Afrika

Welcome to Precious Africa aka Kito Afrika.


Abena Kusi aka @travellingtuesdays is a Gen Z travel blogger encouraging
young people to chase their dreams on social media. After catching the
travel bug whilst on study exchange in France during university, Abena
realised how possible travel could be! She loves to empower people to
travel - there’s so much to see and experience so why wait?

Many thanks