About Kito Afrika

Growing up, there was so much falsehood and negativity going around about Africa, especially on media that I honestly believed Africa was not a good place. That all changed when I went to university and had friends from all over Africa.

My best evenings were those where we came together and shared about our different cultures and home countries. Each time I fell more and more in love with Africa. There is so much more to Africa than is told. Her people, culture, wildlife, geography, history not forgetting her culinary traditions which are just but a few of the amazing things about Africa.

I created Kito Afrika in order to give everyone a chance to travel and marvel at her beauty, learn more about her people, relish in her culinary traditions and go on exciting adventures.

Kito is a Swahili word that means precious. We welcome you all to precious Africa. We have planned, group and budget trips filled with lots of adventures, cultural experiences and a taste of our culinary traditions. You can also contact us and speak to a relationship manager responsible for creating personalized and custom itineraries.

We also have an online souvenirs shop that showcases African decorative crafts. Our work wouldn't be complete without showing some love to our continent, thus for every endangered art purchased from the online shop 10% is donated to wildlife conservation.

With love,

Kito Afrika
Our gift to you.